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Sorry, ich musste schreien 😉

Jens aka Jefi mache mich im miCoach Forum drauf aufmerksam! Adidas ist mit der Entwicklung seiner Android App so gut wie fertig 🙂 Naja, fast

Hey Android fans!

We are working on an Android version of miCoach that will be worth the wait. Unlike many developers that take their iPhone app experience and duplicate it on Android, we’ve redesigned miCoach specifically for the platform and have reached out to Google and others for feedback to make this app live up to the design and quality you expect from adidas. Our intent is to make miCoach available on all the major mobile platforms in 11 languages worldwide.

I know many of you are patiently waiting for us to release the app so you can experience miCoach and the real-time coaching it provides. Please know that we are working as hard as we can to deliver miCoach to the Android platform. We also know that marathon training has already started for 2011 and the sooner we could deliver the better. While it is our policy not to pre-announce products or dates, I felt you needed to know how important the Android platform is to adidas and our commitment to support it is our highest priority.

Thanks for caring enough to keep the feedback coming…

Also warten wir gespannt! Aber sie kommt!

Ich schlage mich immer noch mit meiner Achillessehne rum 😦 War heute wieder radeln. 2 x 9km. Naja, man muss ja in Bewegung bleiben 😦


  1. 22. Januar 2011 um 01:14

    Vielen Dank für die Info. Ich habe auf meinem Blog auf deinen Artikel verwiesen. Kannst du mir trotzdem den genauen Link zum Statement im Forum zukommen lassen?

  2. Jens
  1. 22. Januar 2011 um 01:08

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